25 years in the furniture market
25 years in the furniture market
You can trust us
Bespoke furniture
Bespoke furniture
Modern and classic design
Kitchen according to your project
Kitchen according to your project
Design and functionality
Relaxing in a bustling city...
Relaxing in a bustling city...
A bedroom that will give a royal rest
The elegance and beauty of your living room.
The elegance and beauty of your living room.
Living and dining rooms TM Interstyle


We work for you.

We are the leader of Ukrainian furniture industry in development and application of innovative solutions in design, technology, quality. The best high-performance Italian and German equipment, quality Italian paint materials, specially designed for our exclusive paintwork, technological operations of the final assembly, guaranteeing 100% quality control, which each unit of our products passes – all this to ensure impeccable quality and design of your furniture.

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Наши преимущества - Інтерстиль

Our advantages

  • Limitless possibilities for bespoke furniture

    Our technical and technological capabilities enable us to fulfil orders of any complexity. Creatively, with high quality and within the best possible time frame.

  • Assortment of goods

    For our customers, we offer all types of furniture for the home, in every style and in all kinds of materials used in furniture production. Solid wood, modern board materials, Hpl-plastics, acrylics, high-strength fronts, as well as virtually every possible type of paint finish with a variety of effects and all kinds of filling - all this is Interstyle furniture, stylish, high-quality and flawless in every detail.

  • Quality

    We do not limit our quality requirements to the requirements of industry standards and special technical specifications. We want more than that. We were the first in the industry to implement a quality management system based on international ISO standards. We were the first in the industry to comprehensively implement quality assurance methods and principles of Toyota Production System. We were the first to ensure 100% quality control of all products on special assembly stands. You can be absolutely sure that the quality and functionality of your furniture is of paramount importance to us.

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    A guarantee of total safety

    Our Guarantees

    Warranty 24 months

    In accordance with State Standard 16371-93 Furniture: General specifications, we provide warranty service for all cabinet furniture, including kitchen, living and dining room furniture.

    Warranty 18 months

    For tables, chairs and armchairs according to State Standard 19917-93 Furniture for sitting and lying down.

    After-warranty service

    At the end of the warranty period, all our customers can rely on high-quality post-warranty support.

    25 years of excellent work

    They are the best confirmation of our reliability and loyalty to each of our clients.

    We appreciate your opinion

    Customer feedback

    Заказала шкаф купе в магазине на Вокзальной, неделю назад установили, довольна качеством выполненной работы на 100%, чувствуется что работают профессионалы своего дела, сделали все в оговоренные сроки, все мои пожелания были реализованы! Так что рекомендую этот салон мебели!!!


    Гарний затишний салон. Видно можливості та якість фабрики. Привітні менеджери. Справжні професіонали свого діла.

    VetalPVS Vetal

    Замовляли меблі на фабриці у 2002 році. Кухня Лариса. Сподобалась відразу. І досі ніяких претензій. Тому вирішили замовити знов саме Інтерстиль. Скажу відразу не розчарувались. Дизайнери зпрацювали оперативно і якісно. На цей раз ми замовили нову модель Амєлія у сріблястому кольорі. Слів немає, одні емоції!!! Всі знайомі у захваті. Кухня ДУЖЕ сподобалась усім!!! Виготовили в строк. Зібрали якісно та швидко. Доречі хлопцям окрема подяка. Раджу виробника.

    Зинаида Красько

    Большой выбор мебели. Это видно. Спасибо за такой сервис.

    Денис Лудляк


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    A modern bespoke kitchen

    A modern interior consists of many details, of which furniture is one of the key ones. It shapes the interior and sets the rhythm and mood.

    In contemporary style, good furniture is a kind of ‘grey cardinal’: almost invisible, but indispensable. Take it away, and the interior will crumble, will lose its core, on which, as beads on a string string string strokes of accents and a variety of details that emphasize the tone set by furniture.

    The modern kitchen is the most complex part of the interior. It fulfils several important functions: it shapes style and functionality of the space.

    Modern Interstyle kitchens fulfil these needs. They are just as comfortable, high quality and functional as their classic ‘sisters’ but they have a completely different face and create completely different interiors.

    We offer modern kitchens which offer a different way of looking at contemporary style: from neoclassical, undecorated minimalism to the strict, cool geometry of modern with its rhythm, emotional restraint and maximum functionality.

    In the production of our modern kitchens, we use only the best materials, the quality of which is confirmed by certificates and health certificates. Our suppliers are well-known European manufacturers, whose honesty and best workmanship has been confirmed by years of cooperation. We are constantly working to improve all processes in order to perfect our offer, and we believe that today we are the best on the market.

    In addition, our modern style kitchens are manufactured in strict compliance with all industry standards, and all finished products undergo quality control on specially prepared assembly stands.