Kitchen Magda

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Kitchen Magda

The Magda kitchen furniture set is a hymn to modern style. The design possibilities in this set are truly endless. All modern materials: laminated chipboard, MDF, HPL-plastics, stoneware, glass laminates, acrylics and much, much more are absolutely applicable and acceptable in the Magda set. So too is the stylistic diversity of the set: from concise modern classics to modern and loft with imitation metal surfaces and all sorts of effects of rust, stone, fabric, leather, etc.


– laminated chipboard,
– ecoveneer,
– Glass laminate (matt and glossy)
– HPL-plastics
– porcelain stoneware
– acrylic
– FunderMax (go to decor catalog)

Case material

on request: veneer, plywood

Special feature

– the R and S details in the Atlanta 2 set are not manufactured
– can be used in a stylistically diverse range of interiors

Paint finish

standard: more than 200 colors, RAL and Kemilac colors, various patinations, antique effects, colors combinations, etc.
on request: customization (identical to the sample if technically possible).


BLUM (Austria), HAFELE (Germany)

Accessories and materials

KESSEBOHMER (Germany), STARAX (Turkey), REJS (Poland)

Types of kitchens

straight, corner, U-shaped, island

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