About us

We, LLC KLASUM Factory, trademark “Interstyle” is the leader of the furniture industry of Ukraine in the development and application of innovative solutions in design, technology, quality. The best high-performance Italian and German equipment, high-quality Italian paints, specially designed for our exclusive colours, technological operations finish assembly, guaranteeing 100% quality control for all products – all this to ensure impeccable quality and perfect design of your furniture.

KLASUM Factory, LLC, the Interstyle trademark specialise in the production of furniture sets for homes and hotels made of solid wood (oak, alder and ash) and all types of modern materials to suit individual orders. The leader in the national market of similar furniture producers.

Our products are well known in Ukraine and, since 1998, abroad as well. Today Interstyle sales geography includes Denmark, USA, Germany, Norway, Holland, Kazakhstan, Czech Republic, France, Spain, UAE and other countries.

Exclusive design and high quality of production are distinctive features of our products.

About us

Our advantages are unlimited possibilities in everything that concerns working with solid wood and other materials, necessary for the design and manufacture of furniture products:

  • our own design and technological bureau
  • the ability to manufacture any non-standard product of any degree of complexity
  • own equipment fleet
  • best industry specialists
  • individual approach to each customer
  • quality, responsibility and reliability
  • optimal production time
  • competitive price

Suppliers of the factory are the best European manufacturers of quality materials, fittings, varnishes, paints and adhesives. All raw materials and supplies used in production have certificates confirming their quality and safety.

LLC KLASUM Factory is an enterprise which is constantly developing and improving. Our business philosophy is continuous improvement in order to provide the best possible offer to our customers and to conserve resources and the environment.

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When we design a kitchen, we think about every customer. About their personality and habits, about what’s beautiful and comfortable for them. This is why our products are so versatile and can be adapted perfectly to any interior.

Contact us, and we’ll help you navigate through Interstyle wide range of kitchens and tell you what to look for and how to make your choice a great one.

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We love our work, we love people, and we want to make their lives better. Our main goal is, above all, to continuously improve all aspects of our business.

The best possible offer for our customers, respect for resources and the environment are our goals. That’s why we put our heart not only into the furniture we produce, but also into our warmth. Our dream is to make our customers’ lives easier and happier with Interstyle furniture. This is our mission and the meaning of our factory’s work.

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  • Our factory is the leader of Ukrainian furniture industry.
  • Our production area is located on the territory of more than 10000 m2.
  • Our production capacities with solid wood and modern materials are practically unlimited.
  • Our team consists of the best professionals in furniture industry.
  • 88% of our customers become our regular customers.
  • For 10 years in a row our products have been honoured with the “Best Furniture of the Year” award.
  • More than 30% of our products are annually exported.
  • We were the first in Ukraine to construct and certify a quality management system based on ISO standards.
  • We were the first in Ukraine to apply the system of quality improvement of all processes (methods and principles of Toyota Production System).
  • We carry out multistage quality control of production at all processes.
  • We are a leader in the development and application of innovations in technology and design.
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INTERSTYLE is all about its people.

Our team is our highest value and most important asset. We employ the best specialists in the industry – designers, technologists, highly skilled workers – capable of designing and manufacturing products of any complexity. This is why we are proud to say that nothing is impossible for the INTERSTYLE team. Rest assured, we can make any desire come true! This is due to the high competence and professionalism of our staff.

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Our company is clearly aware of its enormous responsibility to preserve natural resources, maintain clean air and adhere to the principles of sustainable development – from production to the delivery of our furniture.

Our emission levels are strictly monitored, with state-of-the-art filtration systems to prevent harmful substances from entering the environment. The raw materials used are health and safety certified. The packaging materials are environmentally friendly. Thus, we are absolutely certain of the quality and environmental friendliness of both the product itself and of all manufacturing processes.

A guarantee of total safety

Our Guarantees

Warranty 24 months

In accordance with State Standard 16371-93 Furniture: General specifications, we provide warranty service for all cabinet furniture, including kitchen, living and dining room furniture.

Warranty 18 months

For tables, chairs and armchairs according to State Standard 19917-93 Furniture for sitting and lying down.

After-warranty service

At the end of the warranty period, all our customers can rely on high-quality post-warranty support.

25 years of excellent work

They are the best confirmation of our reliability and loyalty to each of our clients.


Because we are innovators.

Because our capabilities and the professionalism of our staff make it possible to produce products of any, even the highest complexity.

Because we think of people first and foremost when creating our products.

Because we are a trustworthy and stable business partner and our customers are always confident in us and our support.

Because the materials, accessories and components we use are reliable, high-quality and durable, which is confirmed by certificates of compliance and hygienic conclusions.

Because we make furniture safely, without harming the environment and human health.

Because our furniture is easy, pleasant and functional to use, and our designs are based on the latest research in ergonomics.

Because we respect and appreciate our customers and partners, and because we love and respect our work.

And most importantly, because over 80% of our customers become our regular customers.