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In accordance with State Standard 16371-93 Furniture: General specifications, we provide warranty service for all cabinet furniture, including kitchen, living and dining room furniture.

Warranty 18 months

For tables, chairs and armchairs according to State Standard 19917-93 Furniture for sitting and lying down.

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At the end of the warranty period, all our customers can rely on high-quality post-warranty support.

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Ordering steps

How to order Interstyle furniture

1 Contact us in any way convenient for you

Contact us in any way convenient for you

2 Visit the salon-shop of

Visit the salon-shop of "Interstil"

3 Develop a project and a preliminary cost calculation

Develop a project and a preliminary cost calculation

4 Consultant's visit to measure the room

Consultant's visit to measure the room

5 Working out of the final design and its approval

Working out of the final design and its approval

6 Preparation of documents for the order

Preparation of documents for the order

7 Manufacturing of order

Manufacturing of order

8 Delivery and Assembly

Delivery and Assembly

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    Modern interiors are characterized by simplicity and functionality. Kitchen furniture sets meet this requirement to the greatest extent.
    They need to match the chosen design, be modern in content, fulfil their applied function and at the same time fit seamlessly into the open space of the room.
    We offer you the possibility of having just such a kitchen. With more than 25 years’ experience designing and building kitchens that are always a customer delight, we can be sure of that.

    What is a modern kitchen?

    First and foremost, as strange as it may sound, the modern kitchen is a huge variety of styles: from discreet neoclassical, sleek minimalism, radiant art deco, concise modern to defiant, sometimes even cynical loft with its nudity and eclecticism.

    For us, as manufacturers, any of these design trends is organic and achievable. We work with all kinds of modern materials. These include:

    • Laminated chipboard and MDF with their abundance of decors and textures capable of imitating any surface: be it rust, linen, precious wood or rare stone;
    • all kinds of HPL laminates, matt, monochrome and with all kinds of effects;
    • so-called “smart” façades, which do not leave any fingerprints, are easy to repair and absolutely user-friendly;
    • natural veneers, refined and beautiful, which give the product an added value and respectable effect;
    • veneers imitating the surfaces of all possible and non-existent types of wood, capable of reproducing a variety of patterns: geometric, stones, animal and reptile skins, expensive and extremely beautiful;
    • acrylic and glass laminates, porcelain stoneware, various types of glass, including lacobelli, and much, much more…

    The choice is truly enormous.

    But we are happy to help you! Our sales assistants, who have extensive experience and knowledge, will help you find your way through all this variety and choose exactly the right material and kitchen for you.

    That is why we invite you to our showrooms!

    Call us, come in and don’t hesitate, we can create a kitchen you’ll love.