Li living room

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Li living room

“Li” continues the modern furniture collection in trademark Interstyle. The understated and elegant design of this set allows you to create stylistically diverse interiors within contemporary trends, be it strict minimalism or Scandinavian laconic ism.

The collection comes in three compositions: Li tortuga, Li ballerina and Li marino, and traditionally includes kitchen and living room furniture for studio flats.

The front surfaces are made of Austrian FunderMax HPL panels with unique performance and technical characteristics.

The module enclosures are made of 18 mm-thick chipboard.

All white front parts of the sets are made of MDF painted in white color according to RAL catalog.

The handle profile is integrated into the module doors.

A brief technical description of the FunderMax façade materials used.

Austrian material FunderMax – HPL-panels with unique performance characteristics.
They are produced in Austria at FUNDERMAX factory, one of the largest in Europe. In high demand due to its unique technical properties which have no analogues. Advantages of FunderMax over similar materials:

  • Double-sided surface (decor on both sides)
  • Low moisture absorption
  • Resistant to damage and scratches
  • Large selection of decors (incl. «stone» and «wood»)
  • Matt, low glare surface
  • Resistant to temperature fluctuations from -60°C to +180°C.


HPL panels FunderMax

Case material

chipboard 18mm

Special feature

– the R and S details in the Tiffany set are not manufactured
– can be used in a stylistically diverse range of interiors


BLUM (Austria), HAFELE (Germany)

Accessories and materials

KESSEBOHMER (Germany), STARAX (Turkey), REJS (Poland)

Types of kitchens

straight, corner, U-shaped, island

Similar products

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Warranty 24 months

In accordance with State Standard 16371-93 Furniture: General specifications, we provide warranty service for all cabinet furniture, including kitchen, living and dining room furniture.

Warranty 18 months

For tables, chairs and armchairs according to State Standard 19917-93 Furniture for sitting and lying down.

After-warranty service

At the end of the warranty period, all our customers can rely on high-quality post-warranty support.

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